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Information and links to sources of statistical information about migration in Wales and the UK

This document has been designed to aid searches for the latest information on migration. 

Sources of Statistics

Wales Migration Portal. The Wales Migration Portal brings together publicly available data for the first time in one place bi-lingually via an online data tool.

Office for National Statistics (ONS). Responsible for collecting and publishing official statistics about the UK's society and economy.

Improving Migration and Population Statistics (IMPS) updates:

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National Insurance Number Allocations to Overseas Nationals entering the UK

Home Office & DWP- The Bulgarian and Romanian Accession Statistics.

No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF)

Some people who are subject to immigration control and do not have the right to work are deemed to have 'No Recourse to Public Funds' (NRPF), welfare benefits, public housing or UKVI support.  The NRPF policy affects a wide range of people who are subject to immigration control, including refused asylum seekers, visa overstayers, people subject to domestic violence, post-18 former unaccompanied asylum seeking children, people in the UK on spousal visas and some EEA migrants.

Local Authorities have a duty to provide advice to people with NRPF and to assist them in finding a solution. People with NRPF may in some circumstances be entitled to care services including accommodation and financial support. Local Authorities should undertake an eligibility test and an assessment of need in assessing whether they have a duty to support someone with NRPF.


For the latest updates on the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Programme please go to

SVPRS Toolkit English

SVPRS Toolkit Welsh

Refugees and Unaccompanied Children

Refugees and Unaccompanied Children

The All Wales Age Assessment toolkit builds on the principles outlined in the All Wales Practice Guidance on the Care and Support of Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children which forms part of the All Wales Child Protection Procedures. The Practice Guidance was described as ‘a welcome step forward in assessing age’ by Zubier Yasdani, (solicitor with Deighton Peirce Glynn, specialising in children’s rights) and this toolkit builds on that work, encompassing best practice from a variety of sources. It is designed to enable a holistic, multi-agency age assessment of unaccompanied asylum seeking children, with guidance for Social Workers, Police, UKVI and other agencies on joint working.

Human Trafficking


Uncharted Territory; New evidence on violence against women from asylum-seeker, refugee and migrant communities in Wales

Launched by the Minister for Local Government and Government Business, Lesley Griffiths AM, the 'Uncharted Territory' report identifies how women and girls facing extreme violence and exploitation are either too afraid to report the violence, cannot access a women's refuge because of their immigration status, or are unaware of what support is available to them.

The research highlights how women and girls within asylum-seeker, refugee and migrant communities continue to face levels of domestic violence which are likely to be comparable to, if not greater than those affecting Welsh women.

Report authors Dr Amanda Robinson and Jo Payton from Cardiff University and Anne Hubbard from Wales Strategic Migration Partnership, are now calling on the Welsh Government, Home Office, Police, Social Services and communities themselves to 'ask some of the difficult questions' as to why women and girls continue to face violence and what can be done to address the serious issues the report identifies.

Uncharted Territory; New evidence on violence against women from asylum-seeker, refugee and migrant communities in Wales - FULL DOCUMENT

Uncharted Territory; New evidence on violence against women from asylum-seeker, refugee and migrant communities in Wales - English (Executive Summary)

Uncharted Territory; New evidence on violence against women from asylum-seeker, refugee and migrant communities in Wales - Welsh (Executive Summary)

Expert Migration Briefings

The Wales Strategic Migration Partnership (WSMP) has today launched the first in a series of briefing papers on migration in Wales.

Written by Professor Heaven Crawley, the briefings offer up-to-date summaries of the evidence base that is available on migration in Wales, while also tackling the myths that can surround asylum seeker, refugee and migrant communities.

The first papers in the series set out the existing data and research evidence on ‘Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Wales’ ‘International Migrants in Wales’ and also ‘Employment and Migration in Wales’ and are available here.

 “The central aim of the Wales Strategic Migration Partnership is to improve knowledge and understanding of migration in Wales. While relatively little work has been published to date on this issue, these papers aim to fill this gap and provide a sound basis on which to discuss and debate the impacts of migration in Wales.”

-- Anne Hubbard Director WSMP.

Published on: 13 April 2010